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In the summer months, our biggest focus is enrolling new students. We know that you will be working hard at your individual schools to increase brand awareness, network with new families and grow enrollment. Big Shoulders Fund is here to support you every step of the way. Here’s a brief snapshot of our summer enrollment and marketing efforts and some tools for your school to use to promote the Welcome Scholarship. 

Welcome Scholarship Digital Toolkit

Print Media


Print Media

Below is a snapshot of projects from Big Shoulders Fund this summer.

Print Campaign 

  • Postcards (BSF and individualized)  

  • Posters (BSF and individualized) 

  • Jr billboards spread throughout the city (BSF/Welcome focused) 

  • Banners promoting CCAP

  • Stickers

  • Selfie Frames

  • Bus benches (individual schools)  

  • St. Stan’s 90/94 billboard and mural 

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Print Templates

Click on an image below to access a template that you can customize for your school.

Digital Media

Below is a snapshot of Big Shoulders Fund projects this summer.

Digital Campaign 

  • In app ads highlighting Welcome Scholarship 

  • Social media ads for BSF & individual school

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Google ads 

  • Website pages with Welcome information

  • Video series highlighting our schools 


Digital Templates

Click on an image below to access a template that you can customize for your school.

Community Outreach

Below is a snapshot of our community outreach that is planned this summer

  • Fellows Program with weekly canvassing  

  • Community Events- Hyde Park Summer Fest, Juneteenth Block Party – the Woodlawn 1200, Fiesta del Sol, Black Women’s Expo

    •  please contact us if there are other community events you’d like us to consider sponsoring  

  • Sign up to help at an event

  • Daycare Outreach - contact us to learn more

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Schools Enrollment & Marketing Team
Maria Ippolito-

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